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Posts for: October, 2021

By East Ellijay Family & Cosmetic Dentistry
October 26, 2021
Category: Dentistry
Tags: General Dentistry  

Unlike other branches of dentistry, general dentistry has a much broader focus. In fact, your general dentists at East Ellijay Family & Cosmetic Dentistry in East Ellijay, GA, treat dental problems ranging from cavities to gum disease to missing teeth.

General dentists can tackle nearly any dental issues

General dentists understand the various oral health issues that can affect their patients during their lives. They make sure that your child's teeth and jaw are developing normally, fill your teen's cavity, repair your broken tooth, and help you or your parents restore missing teeth with dentures or dental implants. Your general dentist has extensive experience handling these and other dental issues and is committed to helping you protect your smile.

Preventive care helps you avoid tooth issues

Preventive care, one of the services offered by your general dentist, helps you avoid cavities and gum disease. Both of these problems can lead to more serious issues, like loss of teeth, injections, surgery, or restorations to restore lost teeth or gum tissue. During your visit to the East Ellijay general dentistry office, your dentist will examine your teeth and offer a treatment plan for any dental problems you may have. Your visit will also include a teeth cleaning that will remove plaque and tartar, two substances that can cause gum disease and tooth decay.

Your general dentist can help you enhance your smile with cosmetic services

If you're unhappy with your smile, your general dentist can offer treatment options that will improve your appearance. Veneers offer a simple way to change the way twisted or chipped teeth look. The thin porcelain or plastic shells are cemented to your teeth and cover minor damage and flaws.

Do you have a gap in your smile due to a missing tooth? A dental implant, the newest restoration option, will fill the space in your mouth and improve your chewing ability. Implants consist of titanium posts that bond to your bone and serve as artificial tooth roots and dental crowns that replace the top parts of teeth.

Could general dentistry help you improve, enhance, or protect your smile? Call (706) 635-2218 to schedule an appointment with your East Ellijay, GA, general dentists at East Ellijay Family & Cosmetic Dentistry.

By East Ellijay Family & Cosmetic Dentistry
October 14, 2021
Category: Oral Health
Tags: Family Dentist  

Having a smile that gives you confidence is important, but maintaining proper oral health goes beyond just that; it also means finding the best family dentist. Trusting your dentist ensures more personalized dental visits by asking any questions or bringing attention to concerns you may have, as well as comfortability for the whole family. At East Ellijay Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, our team of family dentists is dedicated to providing your family the best dental care in Ellijay, GA.

When searching for optimal family dentistry, there are a number of factors to consider:

  1. Confirm if the practice will accept your insurance
    • If the dental office isn't in your network, it's important to remember that many dental procedures can be costly. Many families retain a budget, making it less than ideal to receive dental care from a practice outside of your network.
  2. Consider their qualifications and experience
    • Dental school is a requirement to become a dentist in the U.S., and in recent years, most continue their education post-graduation. A practice website often includes the credentials of their dentists, but you can also inquire the office the following questions: What education and credentials have the dentist(s) received? How long have they been practicing dentists? Are they actively sustaining their dental education?
  3. Read through the reviews—research what type of atmosphere they provide; Is the waiting room comfortable? Friendly service? What qualities do you look for in your dentist?
    • Many people find their family dentist through referrals from family and friends, or you may even consider asking those you see often and trust. Websites like Yelp and Zocdoc have many pages of reviews on potential dental practices. Going through all of them is not necessary, but enough to give you a good feel for the dental office you're considering.
  4. Verify the types of services they offer
    • The practice should offer more than proper oral cleanings, you should check for: family dentistry, preventative dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, general dentistry, root canal treatment, tooth extractions, gum (periodontal) disease therapy, implant dentistry, and more. Finding a dentist who has the services you're looking for prevents you and your family from having to go to more than one practice.
  5. Determine if they are keeping their dental procedures and technology up-to-date
    • East Ellijay Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, in Ellijay, GA, is happy to answer any and all of the questions you may have regarding family dentistry within our practice.

Finding Your Family Dentist in Ellijay, GA

Providing exceptional dental care is one aspect of the many listed when considering family dentistry. Our dental care team with East Ellijay Family and Cosmetic Dentistry in Ellijay, GA, extend their welcome and encourage you to give our office a call at (706) 635-2218 to find your perfect family dentist.