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Posts for: March, 2017

By East Ellijay Family & Cosmetic Dentistry
March 25, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures

When the multi-platinum recording artist, songwriter and TV personality Jason Derulo was recently asked about his ideal woman, his answer covered a remarkably broad spectrum. "There’s no specific thing," he said, "so I think it’s unfair to say what my ‘type’ is." But it turns out that there is one thing the So You Think You Can Dance judge considers essential: A beautiful smile.

"I’m not into messy teeth," Derulo said. "If the grill has spaces and different colors, it’s not my vibe."

As it turns out, he may be on to something: A number of surveys have indicated that a bright, healthy smile is often the first thing people notice when meeting someone new. Yet many are reluctant to open up that big grin because they aren’t satisfied with the way their teeth look. If you’re one of them, consider this: Modern cosmetic dentistry offers a variety of ways to improve your smile — and it may be easier and more affordable than you think.

For example, if your smile isn’t as bright as you would like it to be, teeth whitening is an effective and economical way to lighten it up. If you opt for in-office treatments, you can expect a lightening effect of up to 10 shades in a single one-hour treatment! Or, you can achieve the same effect in a week or two with a take-home kit we can custom-make for you. Either way, you’ll be safe and comfortable being treated under the supervision of a dental professional — and the results can be expected to last for up to two years, or perhaps more.

If your teeth have minor spacing irregularities, small chips or cracks, it may be possible to repair them in a single office visit via cosmetic bonding. In this process, a liquid composite resin is applied to the teeth and cured (hardened) with a special light. This high-tech material, which comes in colors to match your teeth, can be built up in layers and shaped with dental instruments to create a pleasing, natural effect.

If your smile needs more than just a touch-up, dental veneers may be the answer. These wafer-thin coverings, placed right on top of your natural teeth, can be made in a variety of shapes and colors — from a natural pearly luster to a brilliant "Hollywood white." Custom-made veneers typically involve the removal of a few millimeters of tooth enamel, making them a permanent — and irreversible — treatment. However, by making teeth look more even, closing up spaces and providing dazzling whiteness, veneers just might give you the smile you’ve always wanted.

If you would like more information about cosmetic dental treatments, please call our office to arrange a consultation. You can learn more in the Dear Doctor magazine article “Cosmetic Dentistry — A Time for Change.”

By East Ellijay Family & Cosmetic Dentistry
March 10, 2017
Category: Oral Health
Tags: gum disease  

Don’t let gum disease happen to you. Know what signs to be on the lookout for.gum disease

Just because countless Americans suffer from gum disease doesn’t mean you have to be one of them. Through maintaining good oral health you can protect yourself from cavities and gum disease. Unfortunately, when oral routines fall flat dental problems set in. From the office of our Ellijay, GA, family dentists Dr. David Settel, Dr. Cindy Hall, Dr. Ron Reid and Dr. Wesley Burke find out what you should be looking for when it comes to gum disease symptoms.

Are you dealing with any of these issues?

  • Gums that are red or tender
  • Swollen gums
  • Gums that bleed when you brush or floss
  • Receding gums (which make teeth appear longer)
  • Loose teeth
  • Bad breath that doesn’t go away

If you notice any of these symptoms then it’s time to schedule an immediate appointment with our Ellijay, GA, dentists. Leaving this issue untreated can only lead to more serious complications like bone and tooth loss.

Of course, in many cases, people don’t even know that they have gum disease. The only way they find out is by coming in for their routine dental cleaning. This is why preventive care is so very important. Many times gum disease will sneak up without warning, but our Ellijay dental specialists are trained to see the earliest warning signs of periodontal disease. If caught soon enough the problem may even be reversed (this stage is known as gingivitis).

If you don’t come in for regular exams, then gingivitis may progress to periodontitis, in which the gums and bones begin to recede from your teeth. This leads to large infected pockets within the gums. These bacteria will only continue to spread and get worse. As these pockets get larger teeth may become loose or fall out.

Fortunately, gum disease symptoms can be managed with the right treatment. Root scaling and planing is the most common nonsurgical option and can treat mild to moderate cases. In more severe cases, surgery may be necessary to repair bone loss and even replace missing teeth. We would be happy to discuss the variety of gum disease treatment options available to you.

The moment you notice any changes to the health of your teeth and gums it’s a good idea to get the problem addressed quickly. Turn to the fast and efficient dental experts at East Ellijay Family & Cosmetic Dentistry in Ellijay, GA. Schedule an appointment today!

By East Ellijay Family & Cosmetic Dentistry
March 10, 2017
Category: Oral Health
Tags: sedation dentistry  

For most people, going to the dentist is as routine as getting their oil changed. But if you're like the one in ten people with severe anxiety, dental visits are anything but routine.

What may have begun as a childhood fear has turned for many people into a lifetime avoidance of dental care.  This absence of dental cleanings, checkups and treatments can have an adverse effect on not only their oral health but their general health too.

But there are ways you can reduce dental visit anxiety, beginning first with finding a compassionate dental provider. A good dentist-patient relationship is important for everyone, but more so for people with anxiety. Building a trust relationship with a dentist who listens and accepts your fears without judging is your first step to overcoming them.

Though finding an understanding provider is important, it may not be enough in the beginning of your return to regular dental care. To help you further relax during visits, we can also provide medicinal therapies known collectively as sedation.

Although it has some similarities, sedation is different from anesthesia. The latter deadens pain sensation; sedation aims to calm your emotions. The most common sedation is taken in oral form, usually a pill (or syrup for children) taken an hour or so before the appointment. Oral sedation is often used in conjunction with gases like nitrous oxide and local anesthesia.

For a more relaxed state (especially during an involved procedure) we may use intravenous (IV) sedation. With this method we deliver the medication through a small needle or catheter inserted into a vein.

IV sedation places you in a reduced state of consciousness. But it isn't a “sleep” state as what's achieved during general anesthesia, but more of a “semi-awake” state. You won't need assistance with breathing or heart function and you can respond to verbal or touch commands. Many drugs used for IV sedation also have an amnesiac affect, so you won't remember many details about the procedure.

Depending on your level of anxiety, we can match the right therapy to induce calm and relaxation. Sedation can help you see dental visits in a more positive light so that it truly does become a life routine.

If you would like more information on sedation therapy during dental visits, please contact us or schedule an appointment for a consultation. You can also learn more about this topic by reading the Dear Doctor magazine article “IV Sedation in Dentistry.”