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Are you considering dental veneers? If you want a permanent, lifelike smile refurbishment, these porcelain laminates may be right for you. At East Ellijay Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, Dr. David Settel, Dr. Cindy Hall Sosebee, and Dr. Wesley Burke offer porcelain veneers to remake chipped, dark smiles. Just ask our happy patients in East Ellijay, GA.

That crucial smile zone

Bright color, proper size, shape and length, smooth surface texture. You want these characteristics to show when you smile. The front of your mouth is called the smile zone, and it impacts how you feel and how others perceive your personality, reports the Consumer Guide to Dentistry.

Cosmetic dentistry treatments play a significant role in crafting beautiful smiles. At East Ellijay Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, our porcelain veneers help many East Ellijay, GA, patients boost their smile aesthetics and personal confidence. Fitted on the front of teeth in the smile zone, veneers disguise defects in color, length, width, surface texture, and more.

Qualifying for veneers

Think about potential smile changes. Bring your ideas to a consultation with your dentist at East Ellijay Family & Cosmetic Dentistry. The doctor will evaluate your oral health and show you ways you can improve your smile aesthetics. Veneers could be part of your care plan.

Each veneer is custom-made according to your dentition and goals. Your dentist will resurface each tooth to ensure the correct bite, and when the veneers are ready, he or she will bond them in place.

Reasons to consider veneers

There are many reasons why veneer may be the right choice:

  1. Veneers are made from thin, high-quality porcelain. They are durable, stain-resistant, and realistic in color, sheen, and shape. Even the bonding cement can be varied in thickness and shade for the best results.
  2. Veneers are highly durable, and they last for ten years or longer.
  3. Laminates require far less surface reduction than porcelain crowns.
  4. Care is easy. Brush and floss daily, attending carefully to veneer margins. Avoid hard foods. See your dentist semi-annually for an exam and cleaning.
  5. Veneers make small alignment changes, spanning small gaps, smoothing minor twists, and more.
  6. Deep, intractable stains disappear for good.

Learn more

Come to our office in East Ellijay, GA, for a veneer consultation with Dr. Settel, Dr. Sosebee, or Dr. Burke. At East Ellijay Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, we create beautiful, healthy smiles. Phone today: (706) 635-2218.

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