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  • How Root Canal Therapy Can Save Your Smile
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Infection, pain, inflammation, and enamel discoloration all jeopardize the health of a tooth. Can you avoid extraction? Here at East Ellijay Family & Cosmetic Dentistry in Ellijay, GA, your team of highly experienced dentists use precise root canal therapy to heal a compromised tooth, giving it a new lease on life.


How root canal therapy works

This two-visit restorative treatment removes damaged dental pulp from a tooth's interior chamber and slender canals coursing down each root. The pulp contains tiny blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissue. When harmed by oral trauma, decay, abscess, and other bacterial threats, this compromised pulp then causes deep tooth pain.

However, when your Ellijay, GA, dentist anesthetizes the tooth and removes the pulp, the pain and other symptoms subside. The dentist adds antibiotics and gutta-percha, an inert and nature-based putty, to each canal before capping the tooth with a temporary restoration.

As the tooth heals, any residual sensitivity resolves. When you return to East Ellijay Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, you'll ultimately receive a beautiful porcelain crown to protect, support, and beautify the tooth.


Advantages of root canal therapy

There are many, including:

Keeping your natural tooth and avoiding the bone recession and damage to neighboring teeth which dental extraction typically causes
Healing infection
Resolving toothache pain
Improving the physical appearance of your tooth (and in fact, your entire smile)
Improved self-confidence
Ease of biting, chewing, and speech
Simple oral hygiene
Teeth restored with root canal therapy are easily cared for—just brush with a soft toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste twice a day. Floss around the tooth to keep it free of plaque and tartar. You can also preserve the integrity of the crown by refraining from very sticky or hard foods.


Find out more

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