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Gain Confidence Back with Dental Implants from Our Ellijay Office

Today, dental implants – titanium structures that are placed in the area where the tooth is normally occupied by the root – have been designed to mimic the look and feel of natural teeth, allowing you to regain your natural smile. Before the development of implants, traditional dentures and bridges were the only solutions available to replacing a missing tooth or multiple teeth.  Dental Implant Benefits
Whether you are missing a single tooth or a mouthful of teeth, you want a dental solution that will restore your smile as close to your natural teeth as possible. If you’re embarrassed to smile, frustrated with eating or tired of wearing dentures, consider implants- the natural-looking, comfortable and long-term solution to missing teeth. This solution offers stability, durability and convenience that other procedures can’t provide, while improving the appearance of your teeth so that you can smile with confidence once again.

Tooth Loss Has a Negative Effect on your Smile

Tooth loss in adults can cause both functional and aesthetic problems.  As soon as you lose a tooth or teeth, many people will begin to exhibit pain and sensitivity where the tooth is missing.  Problems arise almost instantly, including difficulty eating and talking.  In time, adjacent teeth may begin to shift towards the gaps that are left in your teeth, which can result in misalignment.  This often will lead to bite problems that will need to be corrected with professional orthodontic treatment. 
Since its surrounding teeth support each tooth, tooth loss can weaken a person’s overall mouth structure, which can lead to additional tooth loss and dental health problems with time.  Not everyone is a good candidate for dental implants.  Patients must have healthy gums and adequate bone to support the implant, as well as the commitment to maintaining proper oral hygiene.  This includes exceptional oral hygiene and regular visits with our Ellijay, GA dentists. 

Replacing Missing Teeth with Dental Implants Provides Far-reaching Benefits

With dental implants, one of the major advantages is that they do not require preparation or drilling of your neighboring healthy teeth.  Additionally, they also do not require special brushes for proper maintenance of your oral hygiene. Dental implants are one of the most successful ways to replace missing teeth with a very high success rate.  Since implants are securely attached, you can gain confidence to eat what you like, speak clearly and freedom from embarrassment.

Some other benefits of using dental implants for replacing teeth include:

  •  Appearance – Implants look and act more like your natural teeth compared to other forms of restorative treatments.
  • Increased Confidence and Self-Esteem – You no longer have to worry about your dentures slipping and cracking while eating or speaking. Implants are secure.
  • Reliability – The success rates for dental implants are extremely high and the longevity of an implant restoration can last a lifetime.
It is possible to live confidently with dental implants from our Ellijay family dentistry.  The implants maintain the look and feel of your natural teeth, unlike conventional restoration solutions, lasting a lifetime with proper care.

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