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The thought of dentures can easily conjure up unnerving images of bent over old men and women depending on canes or walkers to get around. The thought of wearing dentures is even worse. It can make you shudder...perhaps, that image could actually be you!

Fear not, concerned friend. Dentures can actually make you look younger! And when you are ready to make that transition from crooked or missing teeth to dentures, the experienced doctors at East Ellijay Family and Cosmetic Dentistry are ready to assist you.

How Can Dentures Make You Look Younger?

Dentures can make you look younger because of the advanced technology of today's dental paradigm. Improved techniques have brought false teeth a long way from the distorted handiwork of our grandparent's day. The one-size-fits-all mold of the past often resulted in acceptable-looking choppers for some, but unnatural-looking one for others. Cosmetic dentistry has changed that whole picture. Today's teeth are constructed from a mold made from the patient's mouth. This method allows for teeth that can be adjusted for a better fit, creating a more natural, youthful appearance as well as providing a greater level of comfort for the wearer.

Dentures Provide Physical as Well as Emotional Support

Custom-made dentures also help with bone loss and muscle displacement, two mishaps that often develop with the occurrence of missing teeth. A wrinkled, sagging face will undergo a youthful transformation with the right support mechanism in place. Dentures can provide that physical support. They can also provide emotional support. Confidence is built because of the regained ability to chew, eat, and interact with others. This confidence will, in turn, restore a healthy, beautiful smile. That beautiful smile will also help you look years younger.

Don't be afraid to make that step towards getting dentures. They will give you the appearance and confidence you need to move forward in life. Need a second opinion? Visit East Ellijay Family and Cosmetic Dentistry and speak to one of our dentists. We are sure to put your mind at ease! Give us a call today at (706) 635-2218 to schedule a consultation.

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